Sunday, February 21, 2010

Patch me up

Found this pic via Outsapop.
Boy do I have plans for some 501's...


  1. So cool! The mind boggles... Please show us your jeans after your personal treatment, too.

  2. I haven't had a pair of patched jeans in forever, but this used to be one of my favorite looks -- these jeans are just fabulous and I totally want them!!

  3. can't wait to see what you do to a pair of 501 - its going to be so cool!

  4. oh, how awesome these are! i must start looking for vintage denim again...would be fun to DIY like this.
    would love to see what you do w/ your jeans!

  5. DUDE those are so SICK!!!!!!! not celeb no...all the time I spend working on the photos and blog are out of passion for what I do...I don't get paid for it and would not want to. It is a gift as well as a new found outlet for me. I think Marty and John like what I do and are stoked to try something different and possibly a bit scarry for the front pages.HAHA ....i am honored they would even consider putting thatsorad out there so much. I try to take myslelf out of the equasion and make it about the clothes.

  6. totally missed these.....soooo great :)
    ..but i'm sure yours will be even better