Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got me some PRESS and I didn't even know it!!!

My wonderful customer Kim, the entertainment editor at the Malibu Times was gracious enough to mention our humble little boutique in a recent issue of the paper. 

I can't believe I missed it!!!  

Thankfully, Kim called me at home today to tell me
 how much everyone loved her dress ( including Paris Hilton and Roma Downey ). 
Kim and her fab frock were the talk of the event! 
That's when she mentioned the write-up.

 Apparently all the re-merchandising, and cosmetic changes we are working on right now have really kept my focus...a little too much!

Go Kim and thanks so much for the support!!!! Now Kim gets to go on a much needed vacation to Carnivale in Venice, Italy ( which is why she came to the store in the first place...she needed a few party dresses ).

The paper version will be posted soon... ( after I race to the Times to get a copy before they are gone ! )

Models Tatum Hengel and Francesca Aiello.
Photography by Marten Image.


  1. congrats on the feature!!

    looooving the photos!

  2. congratulations!! Everyone is going to want to do a write up on your store for sure! xo