Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fast Times at Fred Segal

Fun times with my old crew from Fred Segal the other night...
Launch party for a new vegan cosmetics line ( and they have a reality show airing on the TV Guide Channel coming up - so cameras were rolling ). So great to catch up with my old friends. I used to work at Fred Segal over 15 years ago and always find time to support my peeps. Karen especially, I have known her over 25 years. I also got to bring my new crew from Kush along to blend my families... the boys had a great time and so did I!


  1. Hi Cece! Stopped by your shop last week when I was out getting my hair done at the McMillian/Canale salon but it was closed. How are you? Let's catch up soon!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Hey mary Jo! No I am not "closed" just moving my operation where there is more traffic. I do a lot of styling and PR too, not so much retail which I have moved online full time. So now I need a place for my art - gallery/showroom/office. I was thinking downtown, but I am also thinking Culver City too. Always check Facebook. Up date more so than my blog...