Sunday, July 11, 2010

we got our MTV... and then some!

We had such an amazing experience shooting for MTV yesterday. I am overjoyed that we outfitted most of the cast, with our own crew representing Rock & Revolution huge... style wise and face time on camera! More amazing opportunities came our way in the form of multiple offers to do a reality t.v. show based on us and our store. We are also looking forward to working on another one of these episodes for MTV. getting on that PRONTO!!!


  1. my brother! i see him! i miss him so much =(
    i texted you and called you but no response. i have like 5 numbers in my phone for you cece. what was this for????

  2. awesome news Cece! Congratulations!!!

  3. Cece!!!!!! you are so rad!!!!! Serously! super cute pictures of you and your sweet husband! DUDE!!! YOU deserve the WORLD!! :) You go get it man!! :)

  4. omg, congrats! i'll have to stay tuned...exciting stuff happening w/ Rock & Revolution!

    and...ok, you look incredible- LOVE the outfit. you have now just inspired me to keep my distressed denim mini skirt. seriously. it's a seven for all mankind mini w/ crystals on the back pockets. i kept thinking, i might be too "old" or "mature" (that's a joke!) for it, but screw it--the skirt stays. :)