Monday, December 28, 2009


In an effort to ring in the New Year with cheer, I have decided ( along with my good friend and L.A. business attorney Laurie Butler ), to do a weekly post on issues to protect artists against copyright infringement, trademark, intellectual property law, contractual obligations, cybersquatting, cyberbullying etc...

Too often, the years of research and development and hard work artists have put into their skills have been taken advantage of by everyone from corporate America to the main street business man to the cyberstalker ( with money burning a hole in their pocket ). Bottom line is that you can protect yourself, and you should.

Litigation can be expensive, but worth it ( and a lot less costly ) if you prepare yourself.

I found this very informative article on copyright laws to get you ready for what's to come.

Hope your having a wonderful holiday week!


  1. You are so rad!!! I am excited to learn!

    I love Elf!!!!!! We watched that like every night last week! we throw out Elf quotes all the time.

    "Does Santa Know your here???" LOL

  2. Great idea - I will be reading every post. Thanks for the info - we can all learn some new things.